Overdose rates are now at record levels, killing more than 300 King County residents each year. This epidemic is touching every member of the Seattle community. But together, we can help end it and save lives. It’s time for Seattle to say Yes to SCS.

We need your help to hold City of Seattle and King County leaders accountable and to make sure the effort to create an SCS in Seattle does not get stuck in government bureaucracy.

Visit our Take Action page to see what you can do to help us raise awareness around this important, lifesaving opportunity. 

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Every day that we wait to address drug addiction and overdose in this country, more and more of our citizens are dying. In King County alone, nearly one person a day dies from overdose. This epidemic is touching every member of our community. 

This is no time for delay. We should be trying every proven method we can to make a difference and potentially save lives. Safe consumption spaces (SCSs) are an evidence-based, positive solution that reduce deaths and medical issues, restore public safety and community spaces, and connect people who use drugs with resources for treatment. 

There are now more than 100 sites worldwide. There have been millions of injections at these sites and zero overdose deaths. Studies have shown that SCSs do not encourage drug use, and in fact reduce public drug use and discarded syringes in communities surrounding SCSs and increase public safety.

The time is now. What are our leaders waiting for?

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