Where there is breath,
there is hope

Last year, overdose death killed more Americans than in the entire 20 years of the Vietnam war.

Safe consumption spaces (SCSs) have been saving lives around the world for over 30 years.

Safe consumption spaces reduce overdose death, public drug use & discarded needles, and the spread of diseases such as HIV & HEP C. They increase referrals to detox and treatment programs and save taxpayers money.

For these reasons and more, Seattle is saying YES to SCS

This website is here to help you learn more about supervised consumptionthe Seattleites advocating for it, and how you can show your support.

Wondering how you can help now? Send a letter to the Seattle City Council and Mayor Jenny Durkan to demand action NOW.



Learn about what a safe consumption space is, why we need them and read some of the peer-reviewed articles about the various benefits of safe consumption spaces.

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